Listen Deeply… To this beautiful choir song

Listen Deeply,

A flame is rising in the centre of the storm,

She sings in silence,

Inside the ocean of my soul.

Voices rise, and weapons fall,

And nations unite, across the world,

And songs of Peace, at the heart of every land,

Ooooooh Ooooooooooooooh.

Singing Mamas Choir Members can access the practice parts through the link to Sound Cloud Below.  Happy Practicing!

This song was written by the gorgeously talented Susie Ro Prater, a singer, songwriter and extraordinary choir leader and mentor. Daughter of Nick Prater, both father and daughter have been at the very front line of my inspiration for choir leading. Check out more about Susie below.

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  1. Thanks Kate, having this to listen to at home is really helpful! x

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