A Luscious ‘Ladino’ Lullaby

Durme Durme,

Hermosa Donzella,

Durme Durme,

Sin ansia Dolore

Durme Durme,

Sin ansia Dolore

This Beautiful Lullaby is being enjoyed by all the choirs and will be a big treat to sing all together at our Mothers Day concert! Each Part is as delicious to sing as the next and practice parts are available for choir members via the link to SoundCloud below.

The words are ‘Ladino’ an ancient Sephardic Language spoken by Jewish people expelled from Spain in the 1400’s.

The words…

Sleep, Sleep

Beautiful child,

Sleep Without anguish

This arrangement is believed to be written by S. Gersons. I picked it up by way of storytelling-a-song and being passed along, so there may be subtle differences to Gerson’s arrangement.

For more information on the Mothers Day Charity Concert and tickets, Click below.


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