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Online Classes

When Covid hit and the UK experienced lockdown we knew we had to find a way to still sing together. We explored online singing for the first time and discovered it could have many of the same wellbeing benefits of singing together in person.

How to take part

Online classes can be a great addition or alternative to attending an in-person group. They also work well for shy singers to grow their confidence and experience all the benefits of singing without the fear, as you turn the sound off and no-one except you can hear.

All of our online classes are available free of charge and are recorded so you can take part whenever and wherever works for you.

Join a live class

●  SEPTEMBER 13th, 20th, 27th  /  10.30 am (45 min)

●  OCTOBER 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th  /  10.30 am (45 min)

●  NOVEMBER 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th  /  10.30 am (45 min)

May there be peace

Written and performed by Emily Roblyn.

Winter song

By Dirk Campbell. Taught here by Eugeny Couture.


Written by Alison Whittall – Sung here by Sophia Efthimiou.

Amazing grace

Written by John Newton in 1772, recorded by Sam Cooke and released in 1963, arranged by Tony Backhouse, taught by Fran Andre.

Ali Ney is a lullaby

Written by the women of Joyous Choir at Maryhill Integration Network in three.

This is a wave

Written by Emily Roblyn.



Written by Susie Ro Prater.

Turtle dove

Written by Emma Partridge.

May you walk

Written by Betsy Rose taught here by Rachel Hilton.
“I found Songline to be the most uplifting experience, the joy of singing with others - even though we couldn't hear each other, was really beautiful.”

What are the benefits of singing?

Mental health

Singing regularly acts as a natural anti-depressant is proven to improve mood by releasing positive neurochemicals in the brain such as β-endorphin, dopamine and serotonin. Learning songs stimulates our cognitive function, connects new neuropathways in the brain and improves memory too! Singing helps us forge social bonds more quickly than most other group activity so we build connection and community which is crucial to positive mental wellbeing. Singing can boost your confidence, increase your happiness and make you smarter. What’s not g to love?

Physical health

Singing is proven to improve breathing, posture and muscle tension and acts as a natural form of pain relief by releasing endorphins. It’s an aerobic activity that improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. Singing can counter the symptoms of colds and flu and improve lung function for people with respiratory illness. It also contributes to a healthy immune system by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the ‘Immunoglobin A’ antibody.

Our online classes have been made possible by The National Lottery Community Fund

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