The making of Apart Together

In coversation with Asha McCarthy & Rachel Holmes, Singing Mamas Choir Leaders.

Why did you write Apart Together?
Asha: The song came to me at the beginning of the lock down, I remember that I was feeling anxious at the time. I was going to do an online choir session, but couldn’t think of what songs to sing for this unprecedented situation, so I wrote ‘Apart Together’ for us to sing to help us feel connected to each other even though we couldn’t be together in person for a while.

Where did the idea to record Apart Together come from and then release it?
Rachel: Asha posted a recording of her singing Apart Together on the Singing Mamas Choir Network Forum and I was immediately captivated by the message of the song; I came up with the idea of turning it into a Singing Mamas collaboration piece!

I wanted to create a shared experience where people could feel like they were singing together despite being apart. We are also letting our families; friend and choir members know that we are still here – we hold them in our minds every day.

What do you hope people will get from the song?
Rachel: When people listen to the song, I wish for them to hear the courage and hope in our voices and inspire them to use it as a source of strength to see them through what remains of these troubled times.

Asha: I hope that people can feel comforted by this song. And that they can feel soothed by all the harmonies, and feel less alone.

How did you make the video?
Rachel: I sent out the parts as backing tracks and then individuals worked on them at home before filming themselves and sending it back to me. I then had the painstaking task of lining up the various recordings so that the timing and mix of sound was in sync!

I became so absorbed in the editing and fine-tuning of the video; it gave me a real sense of purpose amidst the otherwise hopeless feeling to do with the lock down. I must have heard it a hundred times and it was always so poignant and uplifting; it became the lock down anthem in our house, and hopefully many other households following it’s release.

Who is singing on Apart Together?
Rachel: I put out the call to the Singing Mama Choir Leaders Network and got a fantastic response. We are used to supporting each other despite a lot of us having never met! Everyone involved was so committed and enjoyed the process thoroughly. Every women that sang was so vulnerable and every clip I received was a gift.

These are the wonderful women singing: Rachel Hilton; Zoie Kennedy; Tanya Sapphira Forward; Emma-Louisa Mutter; Megan Fitter; Lynfa Sioufi; Kate Valentine; Asha McCarthy; Rachel Ramsay; Sayuri Christina Kamiya; Lucy Lapere; Helen Sundaram; Sophy Simpson; Eugeny Couture; Rebecca Blech; and Rachel Holmes.

I’m thinking of the day in the near future when we will all be able to meet in person to sing Apart Together; it makes me emotional and hopeful at the same time.


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