A Dazzling Performance, Singing Mamas at the Market!

Four Mama Tribes become One in this Dazzling Singing Mamas Performance!

It was a Cold, Crisp and Chilly Winters day deep in the heart-land of Hundred Acre Wood, The Singing Mamas gathered from 4 corners of Sussex to meet for the first time and become One Choir. One Voice, One Tribe.

As we gathered in a back room of the market to meet, greet and have a vocal warm up, the excitement in the air was oozing warmth. Having sung together as separate choirs, preparing the same songs in the weeks leading up to the performance, there was already a deep sense of connection and kinship through the songs themselves and the anticipation of how the combined choirs would sound.

We sang songs of Hope, Peace and Love, Protest Songs, songs from far off lands and sweet harmonies of Christmas favourites. The confidence and the support from all the women was heartwarming and the audience were deeply touched by the glorious glow!

What a treat that the audience joined in with our final song!

The coming together of these four wonderful groups of Women that I have had the honour to work with was an incredible moment for me and sign of some exciting times ahead for the growing community of Singing Mamas.

Singing Mamas is growing.

To start your own Singing Mamas Choir or to help start a choir in your area, be in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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