Me, Sing?! Is this really something I could enjoy?


Katherine Kicinski, mother of three and postnatal doula, talks to Philippa Snell about why she wanted Singing Mamas to come to Dorking

Philippa: So how did you know about Singing Mamas and why did you want it to happen in

Katherine: I had always enjoyed singing at school but hadn’t really sung at all since I left. Then about two years ago I went to a group singing workshop and it was a really amazing experience! I absolutely loved it and wanted to do more. So I found out about Singing Mamas and just thought WOW – that would be so amazing to have locally. But I hadn’t got the skills to be able to organise it. Then you turned up in Dorking! So yeah I am really excited that it’s coming.

Philippa: You encouraged me to run a few pilot singing sessions last year, and recently another
taster at your group The Mother Space. What were those experiences like for you?

Katherine: It was really, really lovely. I think initially, there was a sense of am I going to be able to do this? Is it something I am going to enjoy? Am I going to notice that I’m not a confident singer? But I didn’t feel that at all. I felt that it was a really GENTLE experience. I think there was an initial apprehension, but there is a point where you kind of switch, really early on and just go for it.
The way the song was broken down was really easy to understand, even though I don’t play a
musical instrument or sing regularly. Then it was brought together in a really clever way and it SOUNDED really good! There was something special and powerful about singing with a group of women, and having your voice, which sounds quite small by itself, being part of a whole. Sitting back and listening to it was really relaxing and uplifting. The other thing about it that I really enjoyed, that I wasn’t necessarily expecting, was the chance to just learn something new. I have been a mum for ten years and those kind of opportunities come to you less and less, but because I was able to take my youngest, it was something I was able to do.

Philippa: Who would you recommend it to?

Katherine: To everyone!

Philippa: Yay!

Katherine: I would recommend Singing Mamas to myself now as, having three children, it is something for yourself, as a form of self care really. Having been at toddler groups for a long time now, I find they’re not always for the mums. So I would recommend it to people who want to do something for THEMSELVES but with their children. Thinking back to myself as a first time mum, I was quite shy and I remember finding it quite hard to go and meet people, with that pressure of starting conversations with people you don’t know. I think that if you’re doing something like singing, you’ve already got something in common and when you have the chat afterwards, you can talk about what you’ve just done. You’ve already shared something with them so it makes those kind of relationships a bit easier. I mean, my mum came along to one of your sessions and she really loved it! There are lots of grandmas who are looking after young children, so I think its something for them as well. And yeah the other thing I noticed was that I found myself singing the songs throughout the week. That was really nice.

Philippa: You don’t always think you are going to remember them, but then they just bubble up don’t they?

Katherine: Exactly!

Philippa Snell leads choirs in Dorking and Redhill, Surrey.

dorking singing mamas philippa

Find your nearest Singing Mamas Choir. If you don’t yet have one? Be like Katherine and make it happen!

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