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This is the second in a series of Blog Posts all about the Singing Mamas Leader Opportunity. This post is for you, the music professional, who would benefit from leading your own Singing Mamas Choir. Coming next is the blog post for beginner choir leaders!

You are a already Choir Leader or a qualified music teacher?

Great! Then you are already ahead. Singing Mamas Choir began almost accidentally (Read the full story here) With 8 women sitting on cushions on the living room floor, whispering their way through 3 tiny little songs. The need for Singing was strong and over the next few months and years this little singing group, and their leader,  grew up and only then began to call itself a choir. You already have the skills so after the training you will be able to aim straight for one or more full choirs.

Already being a music professional means that the technical song-teaching part will be a breeze for you. We teach simple songs, by ear and sung for the pure joy of singing. What may be new for you is the experience of holding and developing a community of women who sing, connected to the wider community of Singing Mamas choirs. Group-holding is an essential component of Singing Mamas and is covered in the training. From your skilled basis, much creative potential awaits you.

The Belonging, is the reason women keep coming through the door.

Over the years the Singing Mama’s mission has become clear. Get Women Singing. It’s not about performance or perfection. It’s not about teaching singing. It’s not about pitch, range, or even words like ‘refrain’! It’s all about belonging and acceptance of the natural voice.

Is it possible to lead a Singing Mamas Choir along side my other choirs?

If you already lead choirs, -a mixed choir, an evening choir, a specific genre choir or perhaps a choir for more advanced pieces, then leading a Singing Mamas Choir will absolutely compliment your working week. In your area there is a whole group of women that are looking for uplifting and wholesome activities who have never even tried singing. There is a never ending supply of women and mothers, looking for connection and who will be attracted by the Singing Mamas community experience.

Singing Mamas is a universally appealing and winning formula. We are non commercial with training and License fees accessible to all. Join us in our mission to grow the community of choirs and help Women everywhere, wake up to the joy of singing.

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