Integrating singing into your group work

Do you hold groups?

Therapeutic, Creative, Personal development, Spiritual Practice, Education, Professional Development, Community or Inner Work?

Is singing missing from your groups?

The Singing Mamas weekend retreat-training will give you all the skills and confidence you need to add a new, fresh and connective dimension to your work.

Singing has a magic way of transforming the air! Being well lead into a song is a powerful way to instantly unite a group. Singing releases tension, it enables mindful presence to a group or individual activity and, in a moment, it can shed the burdens of the day. Opening a group with a song will ease the transition into your work and using a specific song at any point throughout the group will uplift or transform the energy into a new direction. Closing a group with a song will cement the work and bring a feeling of full circle and completion.

Whatever your work, bringing song will enhance and support you and bring your groups into a deeper state of connection and readiness to receive your work.

Having a toolbox of simple song, some which have only a few words, a catchy melody line and maybe a harmony part to sing with it will add another dimension to your group work. Singing in harmony deepens the connection between any group of people. Singing happens ‘in the moment’ and everyone is in-on-it together, which is why it feels so good. Even if you have shy singers, they will feel the support of the stronger singers and within the space of one song, the shy singer will have an instant boost in confidence. Singing is a way of achieving instant, mindful presence with very little effort.

The Singing Mamas Retreat Training is for ever level singer, beginner included. You don’t need to have an amazing singing voice to lead singing, you don’t even need to know any songs yet. All you need is a good ear and a willingness to enhance your work with song. Already leading groups you will have a level of confidence, which is great. During the training you will be immersed in the experience of circle singing and you will learn some very key skills to give you all you need to start singing with your groups straight away.

The Next Training is 
29th June– 1st July 2018
Lower Shaw Farm, Wiltshire

The Retreat Training weekend costs just £475 and includes accommodation, all meals, training sessions and training materials. Book early and take advantage of our Early Bird discount price of just £375*.
*For bookings made before 1 May 2019

The training starts at 2pm on Friday 14th Juneand finishes at 4pm on Sunday 16th June.

After the training everyone will be given the opportunity to start their own Singing Mamas Choirs or smaller singing groups through the Singing Mamas License. This is not essential, instead you can choose to use your training as Continuous Professional Development (CPD hours) within your own profession and immediately begin integrating what you have learned.

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