The Training – For Absolute Beginners!

Something has caught your eye…You love singing, yes, but are you reading this with a quiet little voice inside, asking yourself, could I?

Then Read On!

Maybe it was something about the website, a Facebook post, something a friend mentioned, whatever it was that has lead you to reading this means that it is absolutely possible that you will find the not too distant future, with a choir of your own.


Simple. You just start. Take the first step. There is a current wave of popularity for choirs. Singing is coming into view (and earshot) of people that have never before even considered it. Mainstream TV has brought community singing into the limelight which is great! and it means that there is now a steady rise in the number of people looking for it.

For every one person who is attracted to the job of leading Singing, there is a huge number of people who are ready to be brought together to sing. If you know 5 simple songs to share with a small group of people, then you are ready. There is nothing to stop you, and every brilliant reason to go for it! To gather a group of women together and just sing!

Singing Mamas Choir was started in exactly this way (Read the full story here) and slowly evolved into the wonderfully popular and established networks of Choirs that it is today.

There is no better time than now to join the growing community of Singing Mamas Choirs!

Whatever your entry level, the Singing Mamas training will give you foundations to build your community of singers -at your own pace. You will learn how to recruit singers and how to keep them! You’ll develop song leading skills, encouraged and supported by other trainees- A big confidence boost! After the training you will have the opportunity to start your own Singing Mamas, whatever size you are ready for, you will be plugged straight into the network of Singing Mamas Choirs and waiting singers!

What are you waiting for?

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