Be a Singing Mamas Choir Leader!

The Community of Singing Mamas Choir is growing FAST!

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the Singing Mamas Leader opportunity..Read on!

Women everywhere are seeking out this experience , not just to learn songs but to feel the support and the closeness of the circle -while also feeling connected with the wider community of other Singing Mama choirs.

The next Singing Mamas Choir leader retreat-training – July 7th-9th in Wiltshire, UK.

This course is for women who have a love of singing, a wish to empower women and a desire to lead choirs. If you have these three qualities you can be a musical prodigy, a beginner-singer with a good ear for harmonies or anyone in-between!

Being a singing Mamas Choir Leader is the best job in the world! It fits around school hours and has both earning potential and scope for your own diversity and creativity. Once you have completed the training, you will be able to join the community of Singing Mamas Choir Leaders who will support you in the growth of your choir business.

As Founder of Singing Mamas Choir, my motivation to offer these trainings and expand the community of choirs comes from the deep satisfaction I get when I see women supporting each other and nourishing themselves in song. Join me in widening the circle.

If you have never lead a choir before, (or even if you have run choirs for years…!) watch this little clip below of a very simple harmony song to see if you could imagine yourself (Or someone you know) as a Singing Mamas Choir leader.

It’s the Holy Grail isn’t it? Part-time work that fits around the family, is fun, fulfilling and gives you an income?

Well actually, we think we might have nailed it! We’re looking for the right people to run local singing groups in their area.

Don’t be put off by the term ‘Leader’ – you don’t need experience of leading singing groups or indeed be a professional singer. Nor do you need to set up a massive choir in a private venue – a small group in your home is just perfect, after all that’s how Singing Mamas began!

So, who are we looking for? Well, first and foremost we’re after good people, with a love of community and inclusiveness. We need women with compassion for others and a desire to connect and bring people together. And most importantly we’re after individuals who love to sing and who’ll help us realise our vision of bringing the joy of singing to women everywhere.

Does this sound like you? Perhaps you know someone who wants a part-time role? Or is keen to start their own business without the hefty costs or risks of going it alone?

We’d love to hear from you so do email or call us for a chat.

The Singing Group – Leader Opportunity

Singing mama’s founder, Kate Valentine started the first group without any formal training and others have started having been choir leaders for years! Either way for you, this training will springboard your passion and enthusiasm to empower women and straight away equip you with all you need to begin your own Singing Mamas group.

It’s more than just a training, for three days you will be on retreat, immersing in the experience of women, supporting and building confidence together.
Everyone will have a chance to teach a simple song, weather as your first time or in order to adapt your choir leading skills to a new audience.

You will discover all that is essential to Singing Mamas explore all the many ways in which you can grow your own branch of the Singing mamas community, whether your passion is for young mothers, retired women, pregnancy, charity work, mental health, or performance. You will leave inspired and with the basic business and organisational skills that you need in order to begin your rewarding and creative new career.

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