The Hidden Talents of a Singing Mama!

Every Singing Mama has a story of her own. 

She is Unique.

With hidden gifts and talents, often -unguessable,

Often -surprisingly brilliant.

A Singing Mama comes in all forms; young girls who are home-schooled, working women, expectant mums, grandmas and more. We have women who feel completely free to sing and women who fear singing. We have professional women, academics, creatives, craftspeople, foragers, athletes, linguists, travellers, health workers, introverts, extroverts, homeschool mums, adventurers, and everyone else in between.

Every Woman is Welcome.

However we arrive to choir, however the morning was or the previous week, we come together as women who sing. We unite in harmonious support of each other, whatever we are carrying with us that day and, more often than not, we leave feeling energised, uplifted and connected.

The growing culture of Singing Mamas where women uplift and celebrate each other is so needed.

This kind of culture is infectious. Once we have experienced this nature of support amongst Women, we can’t help but to pass this on to the other Women in our lives.

So to further develop this culture, I invite you to step forward. I will be providing a space on the Singing Mamas Newsletter to share your individuality. In whatever shape you feel is right, which might look like the following:

Your own Singing story

Your new business venture

Your hidden skills and talents

Your quite-offerings of expertise

A passion you wish to share

A Poem

These can be anonymous, with just your name or with a photo of your wonderful self!

The Floor is open, and the pressure to share is definitely OFF!

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East Grinstead

Lets Keep this Wonderful Culture of Powerful Connection Growing.

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