To Perform or not to Perform…?

While tiny flowers are beginning to push their heads above the Earth, ready to show their colourful offerings to us who watch for the springtime, so the Singing Mamas choir are making preparations to become visible and share their singing at our charity concert. To radiate their joy of being Women, together in unity and together in harmony.

Our Performance will be Perfectly Imperfect, guaranteed.

Our attention during the preceding weeks will not be on polishing our act to an immaculate and flawless standard. Instead we will prepare by singing each song until the enjoyment peaks;  ”I know what I’m singing, I can hear the other parts and I drop into the experience of the song”.  The Magic Moment!

Every song tells a story. When we sing it, we bring the story into living pictures which brings to the listener a stirring of feelings within them. We sing songs from lands near and far, often from ancient times. We sing of pain, of love, of peace and sometimes, of fish markets! But the moment we sing, we and the listeners are immediately connected to that story and that time. At the concert we sing in support of Girls-Not-Brides, which brings another tangible depth to our sharing.

Which ever side of the stage we face, we are in on it together. To celebrate the Woman within the Mother and the Mother within the Woman.

Giving ourselves an hour a week to sing with other women is nourishing! It feeds our need for closer connection and becomes a web of much needed support. Being part of the growing tribe of choirs brings an even wider feeling of belonging. Joining together for the concert will amplify the energy which we create within our smaller choirs. Our concert is for ourselves, for our audience and for the charitable choir bursary fund we are supporting. No doubt will touch the hearts of all, in equal measure.

And if you don’t make this one? There will be more sharing of the music beyond the circle.

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