Singing Mama-Girls Choir. A One-Off Workshop

Teens & Pre-Teens, a ONE-OFF Afternoon Choir Workshop.

Saturday 11th March in Forest Row.


A fun and light hearted Ceremony of Songs to Support Girl’s Journey into Womanhood.

£8 Per Girl. Including tea and cake.


The Hows & Whys…

This workshop aims to bring girls together, using singing as a way to support and enhance their journey from girl to woman. The girls will leave the workshop feeling nourished, connected to each other and with melodies and song-words that are rich in positive and empowering messages. Messages of Kindness, Strength and of Sisterhood that will stay with them.

The Invitation

Your 10-16 year old girls are invited to this PoP-Up choir in Forest Row. Your daughter will join with other girls who are also in their transistion into adolenscence and womanhood. Toghether they will learn and sing 4 part harmony songs and rounds from all over the world. The songs are carefully chosen to bring positive messages of feminity, strength, beauty and power.
The songs are easy enough to learn by heart, to allow the messages and melodies to imprint deep into the sub-conscious.

The session will begin with a gentle welcoming ceremony to allow all the girls to feel especially included and to set the scene for respect and warmth.

We will learn around 4 or 5 new songs together followed by a very important sharing of cake and tea!

If the girls wish to continue as a group I will be delighted to run a weekly choir class from spring.
Please tell me if you think this will be something your daughter will be interested in.

Why Singing?

My work over the past 5 years running Singing Mamas Choirs has taught me so much of the value of singing in community.
When we come together, regularly, to sing, we connect in a deep way, we learn to listen to eachother, support eachother, our heartbeats sync together and we forget our thoughts. We open ourselves up to feeling (sometimes new depths of feelings) and we are together in this experience.
Singing songs with words to affirm hummanity as good and pure and using words that speak of courage, heart and togetherness can be life-changing.

Rites of Passage in Adolesence

As westoners, we have all but lost our singing voices as we have our Rites-of-passage. Couple this with a miss-education through schools on puberty (remember the ‘tampax’ lesson?) and a bombardment of unrealistic media images on what it is to be woman.
Other cultures still practise ancient traditions of singing. They sing their way through their lives, their day, their grief, their joy and their celebrations. Stages of life are honoured and celebrated, perhaps sparing the torment of a western teenage experience!

How do we support girls?

As women and mothers the best we can do to support our daughters, neices, sisters and girls is to re-learn our own nature; To Reflect on our own personal journeys of adolescence and remember the parts of it that were uncomfortable, painful, weird, odd, embarressing or worse..then through our own womens-work we can love and accepting ourselves, as we were then and as we are now. As importantly we support our girls by activly supporting and celebrating all the women in our own lives.

The growing community of Singing Mamas are doing this and are giving this message to their young sons and daughters, now to extend this community to the girls.

I look forward to welcoming your daughters.


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