The Song Book has landed!

We are riding a wave of pure joy today – We hold in our hands our first song book! A Song Book for Everyone: Songline Edition contains twenty-one beautiful and original songs, gifted to us by some very special women to share with you enable you to feel the same joy and release as you sing.

Proceeds from the song book will go towards creating programmes which centre on singing for better health and well-being and making singing accessible to all.

The Song Book has landed!

The idea for the song book came from our Songline sessions which took place during lock down 2020 (facilitated by Singing Mamas Choir CIC and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund). The sessions were an uplifting and vital experience for many of us – sharing a song three times a week brought us together as a community and enabled us to feel support and comfort as we sang.

The song book celebrates many of the song sharers who took part – including Helen Yeomans, Kirsty Orr, Sophia Efthimiou, Fran Andre, Kirsty Martin, Asha McCarthy and many more!

As part of honouring the gift of song that the contributors have made, we have made sure to include in their own words, where the idea to write the song has come from.

Asha McCarthy, a Singing Mamas Choir Leader and Classically trained musician, did an amazing job of curating the content, transcribing the music and recording parts – we are ever so grateful for her creativity and hard work.

The song book truly is for ‘Everyone’.  The songs speak of the human experience and transcend the lock down – they are positive, powerful, and thoughtful.

We include MP3 parts and a Listening Album to buy alongside the song book, as well as helpful performance notes.

You can enjoy these songs at home, in your choir setting, amongst friends, in schools or as part of voluntary roles in the community.

Here is the list of songs that we hope you will fall in love with:

From the Birds – By Victoria Casey
The Sun Is Rising – By Phillipa Snell
East Chorus – By Kirsty Martin
The Sun Will Rise – By Kate Shrubsall

Turtle Dove – By Emma Partridge
Zooming High – By Louise Blackburn
You Gotta Start Somewhere – By Penny Stone
You Are Enough – By Kirsty Orr
This Is Home – By Sophia Efthimiou

Ceremony Boogie – By Helen Yeomans

Rock And A Hard Place –By Lynfa Sioufi
Tick Tock – By Victoria Casey
Hold On – By Emma Partridge
Overlapping Waves – By Maya Waldman
Rock Me Slow – By Zoie Kennedy
It’s OK To Stop – by Rachel Hilton

Circle Of Firelight – By Emma Mutter
Seed Song (Listen) – By Maeve Leahy

I Will Sing – By Jo Taylor
Burn Brightly – By Fran Andre
So Much – By Asha McCarthy

If you have any questions, or would like to feature in our next edition, please email:

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