Recharge – Nourish – Connect


Women everywhere are
waking up to the joy of singing


Singing Mamas Choir’s mission is to bring women together through song; a positive and meaningful activity to support the unlocking of her creativity and the freeing of her own voice.

Singing Mamas Choir’s aim for every women, is that she become the bright, bold and songful woman that she was born to be!

Physical Benefits

Singing is an exercise that improves lung capacity making you feel fitter!


Mental Health

Singing regularly improves mood and is scientifically proven to make you happier!


When a choir of singers is formed there is a unity, a coming together of positive attitudes.


Free Gift

Think you CAN’T SING? or are you maybe a bit SHY?!
Here’s a perfect opportunity for you to TRY at home with nobody listening!

  • "Singing Mamas Choir is an experience which isn't just in that space, it follows you home! My daughter sings all the songs at home."

    Lucy Pople
    Lucy Pople
  • "As I young mum it can be quite isolating so it’s great to get out of the house and do something that's not necessarily for your child but that they can be involved too. Having that little bit of ‘me time’ is really important to me."

    Megan Watkins
    Megan Watkins
  • “’It gives me time with other women and the unity I experience lasts my whole week through.”
    Luna Joy
    Luna Joy
  • "It was the first group I came to when I moved to the area and had no friends! It’s amazing to have somewhere to go to when I’m tired from being up all night with the baby, I just bring my baby and do something that I love."

    Rachel Kelly
    Rachel Kelly
  • “When I come away from Singing Mamas I just feel lighter, more joyful and more connected- to myself, through the music, and more connected to the other people.”
    Lucy Jameson
    Lucy Jameson